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Globally, attack victims were almost exclusively adults, and most attacks occurred while the person was alone, during the summer, and in daylight hours. The bear attacks at the Soda Butte Campground just outside Yellowstone National Park in involved a sow grizzly killing a man camped alone in his tent, and injuring two other people in other campsites the same night, in what was deemed predatory attacks. Some Greater Yellowstone bear advocates point to Romania as an example of bear-human coexistence, noting that Romania is roughly the same size as the Yellowstone region, but hosts a bear population 10 times more numerous.

For decades, Romanian gamekeepers tended to hundreds if not thousands of feeding stations for bears, keeping bears numerous and fat so that the dictator and his party elite could have trophies to shoot from the comfort of nearby blinds — all the while the few remaining rural residents were prohibited from having guns.

After Ceausescu was deposed and executed in , hunting of brown bears was opened to rich foreigners willing to pay tens of thousands for a trophy, but that lasted only a few years. The hunting of any large carnivores in Romania was halted in , with few exceptions.

Exile Nation: “A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing”

More than 40 bear attacks on humans were recorded in Romania in , and three people have already died this year due to bear attacks. Half of the Romanian attacks in the year study involved bears attacking adults who were working outside; shepherds tending flocks, drovers with their cattle, and farmers working the landscape. In many European countries, pepper spray is illegal or its use is tightly regulated. The researchers found at a global scale, bear attacks are more frequent in regions where the human density is lower and bear densities higher, and that attacks are also more frequent where recreational activities in bear areas are more common.

In Europe, that might be people hiking or gathering berries, but in Wyoming, it tends to be hunters seeking large game. Legal protection has resulted in recovery and expansion of brown bear populations worldwide, with more than , brown bears now in existence.

The U. Speak softly, but avoid eye contact, and never run from a bear. If the bear charges, remain standing. Carry bear spray and be ready to use it. If a bear makes contact with you, drop to the ground and play dead. But a predatory bear is a different beast, and requires the opposite tactic. If a grizzly bear approaches a human in a persistent manner, with head up and ears erect, behaving in a curious or predatory manner, you need to be aggressive and fight back. A predatory bear will demonstrate keen interest in a person, often quietly and intently approaching, eyes locked on its target.

Predatory attacks end only when the bear is overpowered, scared away, injured, killed, or kills you. If a bear attacks a person at night in a tent, fight as hard and loudly as you possibly can. Remember the general rule: Play dead for a defensive attack, but fight for your life in a predatory attack.

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The fact that predatory attacks on humans are rare is of little comfort when confronted with a predatory animal. I spent last week in our nation's capital, one of 20 citizens from around the country gathered to serve on. Predator-prey systems including predator-livestock conflicts are complicated, multi-faceted, and site-specific, but an Oregon Extension publication has provided a broad solution. But upon closer examination, many might find their opinion changed. Community leaders in the Uinta County seat have done a magnificent job of transforming their city into one of the nicest spots in Wyoming.

Much of that flow is in Wyoming and because of its twists and turns, it covers probably over 1, miles, according to Mark Tesoro, publisher of the local newspaper, the Uinta County Herald. That river also flows into nearby Bear Lake in Idaho, a popular recreation area for residents of Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah. Historically, Evanston was first and foremost a railroad town.

Evanston was home to huge railroad repair facilities, most notably the massive roundhouse.

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When the Union Pacific abandoned these structures, the community took them over and now they serve as venues for statewide and national conventions and events. They can see big hills around them as they go, but they have little idea of the size of the mountains just over the horizon. The Uinta Range is one of the most unusual ranges in the country as it runs east and west, rather than the more typical south to north. A climb up the hill northwest of Evanston to the municipal airport reveals a view of mountains that rivals that of Pinedale, Buffalo, Lander, or Sheridan.

There, laid out in front of you, is a full vista of snow-capped silver-gray mountains. Evanston has both enjoyed and endured the booms and busts typical to Wyoming. In the s and s, the town doubled in size with an oil boom as companies discovered the Overthrust Belt, a unique formation full of oil. Oil is still big but not as dominant as back in those hectic times. The Wyoming State Hospital was established in Evanston in and currently is undergoing a massive expansion. The State Hospital sits on a small hill overlooking the town.

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Two local establishments stood out recently. There are over 1, hotel rooms serving the traveling public. Most Wyomingites will speed through Evanston many times over the next few years either leaving the state or coming home to it. Spending some quality time in Evanston would be well worth the stop. In a land of 97, square miles full of mountains, canyons, rivers, historical.

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People interested in learning more about the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area should visit the recreation area near Lovell this. Anyone with a taste for Celtic music, food and fun or a fake Scottish accent they want to show off. There is probably no better way to appreciate this land we call Wyoming than seeing it from the air. And looking down right now is just about as good as it can possibly get.

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The green valleys are glistening with new growth while our purple mountains bask in the sunshine with still enough pearly white snow to sparkle in the distance. Legendary flight instructors Les Larson and Larry Hastings taught me to fly in I bought an airplane with local accountant named J. Ross Stotts. The plane we bought was an old Piper P that had been owned by the late Mable Blakely. That plane was heavy but fast — any landing felt like landing on an aircraft carrier. Later I flew Cessna s, which landed like a leaf falling from a tree.

I loved flying. Every bit of it. As a little boy, my first flight was in a two-seater. I was jammed between my dad and my Uncle Dick Johnson, both big men. We took off and flew all over the hills and valleys of northeast Iowa.

I can remember how my stomach felt as we turned and climbed and soared. I even remember the smell of the hot oil coming from the engine. Wyoming is so doggone big; there is just about no way to make it smaller. But flying an airplane instead of driving a car definitely works. Flying from Lander to Greybull took a little over 30 minutes. It was a three-hour drive. That view of flying over Boysen Reservoir and looking down on Wind River Canyon, well, it was spectacular. To the northwest, the Absaroka Mountains were high and rugged. The airport at Greybull was a piece of cake.

The runway is wide and long because of all the old converted bombers being used as fire-fighting tankers that were based there. Plus Greybull gets very little wind.

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