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We are available throughout the day to assist you with the best guidance in your budget. SEO for Real Estate can create a lot of difference as it is a long-term strategy. The author also indicates the online advertising has recently grown immensely leading to a decline in the number of advertisement in the print media.

The author refers to Forbes results assertion that print publication still has its benefits like helping a brand to reach a niche market or audience.

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Print media or publication is tangible and credible to some readers according to Forbes magazine and Wakefield The authors indicate that print media can offer tangibility as it is physical and remains in circulation for some time as we often see them in receptions of offices whether visiting a doctor or a school. Some older people are said to find print media more legitimate and genuine without any danger that is posed by the online or websites which tend to have spam and other threats like identity theft. And some even prefer printing those digital messages to be able to read them.

While modern marketing provide a sound advertising with no border limits, it is does not yet stand out in helping a company or individual to take advantage of home field advantage according to Jimenez There is currently an increased support for local business in networking locally but due to strict regulation of the property marketing and fair trading it is not easy for them to network for example with local banks.

As much as the local bank manager may be willing to work with the local real estate but it is not feasible due to fair trading laws. A QR code in print media is one of the best ways to complement the two print and online and take a reader to the relevant website for some other details missing in the print. Indication are that online advertising will surpass print advertising in the first time in U. Given that Americans are pacesetters in a number of things this is likely to affect the developed countries including Australia in the near future.

Hatchens from Sydney Morning Herald reported that property online advertising is set to surpass newspaper or free to air television advertising.

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The data from Interactive Advertising Bureau of Australia according to the reporter indicate a strong growth for While Figure 1 below is based on the US, it is a picture that is also reflected in Australia as per Hatchens' article. From Figure 1 and 2 it appears the set even for advertising in digital newspaper version Invik, If a real estate agent covers a number of towns it means advertising in each of those towns local newspapers which can be costly though there is Vendor Paid Advertising VPN.

So advertising online tends to be accessible anywhere in the world and this tends to be the best thing for commercial real estate and residential real estate as sometimes one is unable to get a buyer from the local market. And for big companies or businesses online marketing is the key to their success as one is able to reach a market which may be even outside the borders. So it also offers flexibility and efficiency Cradduck, Equally, a lack of knowledge of how to harness the powerful resource could well be a contributor to an unsuccessful outcome.

The internet sites also provide comparability of property prices, medium prices and market price averages. So a buyer is able to cast their net wider in their comparison in terms of things like locality using the map provided, proximity to schools and shops. They are even able to go back and track what price were houses in the neighbourhood bought or sold for. This site certainly gives the buyer and seller free information that is not easily available in print media. So, buyers and sellers are more informed. One of the greatest advantages that the internet offers is ability to have rental and property for sale as soon as they are available which in the print media has to wait for the weekly or how often the papers come out.

In both the print and online or internet buyers, there is still dependency on agents to seal the deal, so agents need to be skilled in the use modern technology and how it can help them optimise their sales. It must be noted that corporate advertising of properties is also geared towards brand promotion. And it is still done in various methods like, signboards, brochures, and editorials, promotional gifts like pens, large billboards, telemarketing, seminars, radio, television, internet and emails.

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Recently a number of agents are using Facebook to attract potential buyers and those interested in leasing properties and prospective customers need to have a Facebook page and tick that they like the agent or agency, and they become continually updated with the latest news about the agent and the agency listing. There is also Twitter accounts where if an agent has followers they are continually informed about the latest listings. The other big advantage of these means of communication is that it is a free service to all.

Mobile phones are quickly shifting the scene in property marketing and an agent with a smart phone is more than equipped if they know how to use their garget very well. With a smart phone one is able to take pictures which can even indicate exactly where the picture was taken with their global positioning system. They are able to reach the audience at all time Hongcharu et al, Mobile phones have the similar features to a computer but small enough to fit in your pocket and carry them anywhere which means continually updating information as per the necessities prevailing.

One can email, SMS, take and upload pictures and videos and the list is endless. So mobile phones in property marketing have big part to play in strengthening the online marketing. Among online advertising E-mail is one of the least expensive which can target specific market or be directed to potential buyers in both residential and commercial market Strauss et al, Sometimes firms have a data bank of email addresses of potential customers based on their previous dealings or inquiry and those get occasional or frequent update through email to let them know what is available in the market.

Strauss et al did some comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of major media as shown in Figure 3 below.

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  • Direct mail and online web were found to be the most outstanding in terms of involvement, coverage, target audience, tracking effectiveness and flexibility. Print media in the form of magazine and newspaper performed fairly with magazines said to be outstanding under global.

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    It must be noted that most of the comparison does not elucidate whether the print or other medium were using the web which can be a possibility. This has proven to be an excellent way of marketing commercial and sometime residential properties Strauss et al, Richardson observed that younger buyers and out of town or distant buyers tend to use the internet more.

    A real estate company should also look at content marketing to be seen if they are meeting their target in terms content and audience. This gives an edge in terms seeing where ones potential customers are coming from. While most of the digitally savvy people will admit knowing about digital cards, they still send printed cards as people still want to see the physical ones. But print and online marketing complement each other very well as Gilmore alluded.

    Supporters of marketing are ever suggesting the use various methods of advertising to ensure ones product meet all types of audience and prospective customers.