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I would not have the passion I have today for helping others learn how to effectively integrate their faith in the workplace if it had not been for others that showed me it could be done.

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And they honestly told me about times when they had failed, when they had yielded to the temptation to cut corners to achieve goals, even though they knew it would be a breach of their personal integrity. It was through failures like these, however, that they learned the importance of setting boundaries, of affirming their commitments to excellence and honesty before they came to a moment of decision. Difficult decisions become easier, they taught me, when they are made long in advance of the crisis.

Men like these also taught me about their trials, failures and successes in areas such as marriage, parenting, handling finances, dealing with anger and other troublesome emotions, and sexual temptation. I, too, have been privileged to learn from the mistakes of others.

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The Bible offers many character studies of men that strived to follow and served God, yet sometimes stumbled along the way. I have found these stories very encouraging, not only by learning specifics of their failures, but also realizing God does not demand perfection, only a sincere desire to follow Him, along with a willingness to repent in times of failure. The 10 th chapter of 1 Corinthians offers great insight with only two verses:.

There is a saying that if we fail to learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. Colleagues and friends can only be bad influences when we allow ourselves to repeat their wrong actions.

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I felt stuck after two years. Push yourself to learn something every day.

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I always ran away from hard things. But doing those hard things will have more return on your life, time, energy, and money. When you do something that requires a lot of effort, you feel good about it.

I come from a very tightknit family, and I always have had close friends. But I realized that I needed to be alone to grow. So I went on abroad trips by myself. I decided to move to London.

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Sometimes you need to distance yourself from others, it will make you a better person. Sleeping in today is not bad, right? No one cares if I skip my workout today, right? The answer is no, no, no, no, and NO to every other small decision you think has no impact on your life. The truth is that your life is the result of your small decisions.

Learning From Others’ Mistakes: Penetration Testing IoT Devices in the Classroom

That means you can turn your life around today —simply by doing something small that has a good impact on your life. And what if you keep making mistakes? Who gives a shit!? Just make sure you always learn from it. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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Viewed 15k times. Perhaps student? Or child? A wise person follows the "path through time immemorial" learning from others'mistakes.

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Aluna Aluna 97 6 6 bronze badges. But that means a lot more that just "learning from others' mistakes", which is what the OP asked for. It's difficult to answer such questions. Please refer to this english. In simple English, A person who learns from other's mistakes may be called wise person.

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