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She is living a life as if exposed to open air. Russell reports she also believes Koenig and Alan Carter are both dead. Kesslann is in mourning. Bergman hypothesizes the event may have affected time due to travelling faster than the speed of light. Could she be internalizing a past or future life now? Bergman wonders. The third planet is Earth. To say the expressions on the Alphans' faces were looks of joy and relief would be an understatement.

They are indeed given new hope.

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Paul Morrow begins radioing Earth. Moonbase Alpha is just 45 hours out. Carter is anxious to Eagle off to Earth, but Paul is adamant something is wrong.

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Earth is not responding to their communications. Meanwhile, Koenig says, " We've guessed at all kinds of disasters. Koenig admits, " a space phenomenon we don't understand shifts us billions of light years across space. As incredible as that is, I accept it. Many critics ridiculed the logic in it, but fans of the show, like myself, echoed Byrne's sentiments as spoken by Koenig and simply accepted the premise as the vehicle to discovery.

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Why not? What was all that believable about Transporters? A Klingon race? A fleet of Federation starships? This particular entry has a great deal to offer regarding the guiding philosophy of the series as constructed by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. The Alphans simply have no clue about the things in play and simply must go along for the ride.

Star Trek simply gave us technical mumbo-jumbo and wah-lah, all better by episode's end. Koenig is simply astounded at the odds of being replaced into Earth's orbit and believes it must be by more than chance. This is the sad, grim, dark reality of the series. There are quite simply no easy answers. Here is the scene between the two principals.

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I really like Bergman's final line there. Despite all of our advances and our genius as a race, ultimately we are Earthbound , no matter how hard we try to be somewhere we're not meant to be. We may be explorers, but I believe Bergman's pragmatism may be correct.

It's like a fish wanting to fly. It just can't. It goes against what is intrinsic to a fish. So why should a human know anything in this vast pod of space never having swim there? Russell tends to Regina in the Medical Unit. Kesslann works herself up and pleads to see Carter who arrives. In her mind, Alan is her husband. This is a great moment between Carter and Koenig displaying Koenig's skepticism over the reliability of their dear Computer.

Alpha's lack of faith or confidence in technical solution plays a part. Why shouldn't it? Computer hasn't exactly had a great track record thus far.

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What a terrific wide open shot of the Main Mission set in that clip. Carter visits Kesslann. She is ecstatic to see him. She begins losing her emotional head. She's a bit of a nutter now. Russell subdues her with the classic Space state-of-the-art insta-shot. No needles.

Russell informs Carter, Regina believes he is her husband. They are radio mapping its surface. Koenig reports to the lunar residents of Alpha over the intercom that the Moon is slowing around the Earth's orbit and they may soon begin Operation Exodus.

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A reconnaissance probe will be dispatched. Nice shoes. In the Medical Section, Kesslann wakes to an eerie cloaked image of herself, hands extended. She witnesses the image alter between herself and that of a skeleton. She is seriously disturbed by this omen of things to come.

She swings a piece of equipment in her fear and suddenly knocks out a tending nurse. She is on the run and she is wild. An Alphan approaches her and he is knocked unconscious too. The bad news: Kesslann now has his weapon. She is a woman on the verge. In Alpha Main Mission , Earth orbit is confirmed and everyone rejoices. Joy turns to serious concern as Regina Kesslann enters the room with a stun gun.

She sees duplicates of everyone. She screams in agony and drops the weapon running into the arms of Carter. Her unconmtrollable pain makes her entirely sympathetic. She is letting go. She tells Carter " I knew you didn't die. Later, Bergman reports to Koenig that the Earth's access has moved five degrees.

As a result, Bergman points out Europe is now in a state of ice age. Desert climates rule North America. There appears to be a small parcel of land capable of sustaining life in North Western Mexico. The always classic thermographic medical scan. Russell reports to Koenig and Bergman, a thermographic scan indicates Regina is suffering from as much a physical abnormality as a mental one. She has " two brains. It's actually a bit funny to hear Bergman say it, well, because it's bloody ludicrous.