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This book asks us to consider what it means to be alive and whether we can be digitized and transferred from one body to another without losing any part of ourselves. Paullett Golden. Lizbeth risks everything to follow her heart. Desperate to hide the blood on his hands, Sebastian sabotages their happiness.

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Lizbeth must unravel the truth to turn a villain into a hero. One act of chivalry turns good sense to folly when the Marquess of Daventry is sealed inside Dehus Dolmen on the island of Guernsey in Diana Gillmor. An earlyth-century Gatsby-esque couple leads a life surrounded by world wars, historic inventions, and famous friends as unthinkable tragedy and ultimate betrayal quietly stalk their family.

Gary McAvoy. Literati Editions. Author Withers thought of traveling Europe as an escape from her conservative upbringing.

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The journey propelled her into confronting the emotional baggage she carried. Kevin Milligan. Kevin Milligan Gallery. The painted pictorial is paired with text about artists and early pioneers. Live with diabetes and keep all your toes. Live with total confidence that you can handle your blood sugar levels. Effective strategies for a rewarding life with diabetes. Rachel G. A collection of easy-to-read mathematical essays.

Humans are easily manipulated, and marketers know it. Author Hannaford began internet dating and unwittingly invited a new kind of trouble into her life. This account is intended to be meaningful to anyone who may have deep spiritual longing. The author gradually moves from feeling totally broken to a life of renewal and hope. Gatluk G. Gatluk is a voice for the battered children of war. Kharene Porter. Graphiti and Ostrakka. Deep into her waning 30s, the author was quickly running out of time to course-correct.

This story chronicles her journey as she confronts her life with patience, sweat, and humor.

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Elizabeth M. After you get the experience of each gate, from the Sheep Gate to the Final Gate, you may be able to help another Christian or even the un-Christian. Susan Mattern. Traumatic injuries, painful recovery, illegal cover-ups, and legal battles push family and faith to unanticipated conclusions. This book aims to rescue Jesus from dogma. His true teachings are rooted in reality and therefore can be tested experientially. They have power to transform us now. Robert Neurath. Neurath Publishing. The employment of European professionals by Turkey after the rise of Hitler and the saving of Jews by Turkish diplomats and Albanian Muslims are described.

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This contrasts with present-day disdain for immigrants. Kathleen Vail. Story Merchant Books. Beau Adams. Crossover Communications. This book can show you how God can heal your soul and heal your life in such a miraculous way you may find yourself to be better than ever before. Jon Sadler. Sadler gives hope to others dealing with seizure disorders by sharing his experience and providing the perspective of the child, student, father, and caregiver who are living with epilepsy.

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Stephen Ray Williams. This book compares the life of Samson with America. Every daughter has a story, some more complicated than others. Charles A. Radius Book Group.

Author Casto shares his firsthand expert account of the earthquake and tsunami response at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Peter Dahlin, ed. Safeguard Defenders. Sati Achath and Rishi Kumar Jain. This guide to help readers deal with old age is especially important for a society that is obsessed with youth. You Can Be the Guru! Anita Sax, illus. Anita Sax Books. When Africa and India meet for the first time, something different about their appearances puzzles the two elephants.


A wise giraffe they soon encounter just might know the reason. In her small cell in the tower of Malchasek, the air was thick with sorrow, for she had been crying all night, and the day before, and the night before that. But as soon as the Thunderbolt Bearers started projecting the Voice, the room shone with white light, and she felt Gervin's presence with her. Through the space, she tried to call him. In response, the light became brighter, and Gervin's presence became stronger.

No words were exchanged. But the force was so intense, and the imprint in the space so clear, that not once in the coming thirty-four years that Marka spent meditating and praying in that room, did Gervin's presence disappear. It remained with her and constantly supported her, not just in the first years, when she fought against herself not to run away and throw herself in the arms of the man she could not forget, but also in the last years, when the deterioration of the energy fields in Atlantis became such that Malchasek's light could hardly be felt any longer, and his high priestesses started dying one after the other from despair and from boredom.

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That morning, a few chapels away from the tower of Malchasek, Mouridji the prophetess caught the vision of the obelisk of light, and she heard the Voice of the Thunderbolt Bearers. Go and tell them, quick! She rubbed her eyes. And tell them to send a message to the temple of Lasseera immediately. But tell them to keep it very quiet. It's probably a secret ceremony. All his power!