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But for actual learning the videos are my favorite and the teachers are good at explaining…. The practice questions are equally as useful.

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Application is the most important part for boards and testing yourself on the foundations is where the crucial learning happens. I already referred the program to my friend who just bought like me. You guys practically have the whole package. Flash cards, videos per First Aid topic, Qbank, and more.

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Plus a digital copy of First Aid…. USMLE-Rx is a great resource that includes so many awesome features and goes hand in hand with First Aid which is very helpful and the people associated with Rx are always motivated to improve and are very engaging and want you to learn always. I am very impressed and satisfied.

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The videos are short and sweet. They match up with First Aid very well. The flash facts are also my favorite. It was a great resource and helped me maintain a steady study habit. I loved the fact that it provided an opportunity to watch videos, test your knowledge with practice questions, and review the information daily with quick flash cards!

Overall this was a must have resource. I am so grateful and hope that it continues helping others! The quality of questions and testing scenarios available are phenomenal. USMLR-Rx has helped me integrate topics which were taught in isolation over my years as a medical student. I have done several Qbanks, but none of them can compare or compete with the explanations that Qmax provides per question. Also, I love the videos and how they are an interactive way to complement First Aid. Especially the Q-bank…. Great job guys! It is very thorough and works so well with the First Aid book.

Awesome price, thorough explanations, videos, assessments…seriously amazing. The setup is awesome. You can do flashcards on an individual topic and also do questions pertaining to those specific topics.

I love it! All the tools Rx provides is just amazing. And there are so many tools for all type of learners. Learn More.

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Bundle Rx Bricks with Rx and save! This comprehensive suite of tools will help you learn everything you need to know to ace your classes and the boards. All fully integrated with each other and First Aid. Bundle Rx Bricks with Rx and equip yourself for long-term success—in class, on the boards, and in your future career. Rx blends three tools into one powerful, proven study system. Rx includes:.

Step 1 Qmax. Learn more about Step 1 Qmax. Flash Facts.

Learn more about Flash Facts. Express Videos.

25 High Yield Topics for USMLE Step 2/3- Cardiology

Learn more about Express Videos. Names and associated pathways are the highest yield pieces of information. Many board questions ask about metabolic pathways in a roundabout way by having associated enzymes as answer choices.

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Contact Us. For example, a question might be asking about glycogenolysis in DKA by asking you to identify glycogen phosphorylase as an upregulated enzyme. It is also very helpful to know rate-limiting enzymes in major metabolic pathways because you better believe those are coming! Lastly, any enzyme deficiencies that lead to clinically interesting pathologies tend to pop up on board questions commonly. You might never see cystathionine synthase deficiency leading to homocystinuria in clinic but it WILL show up on every board test you ever take. So how does one learn all of those complicated metabolic pathways?

Correct your drawing from First Aid, crumple up your first piece of paper, and do it again and again. You may also want to take a look at the high-yield areas we identified for Immuno and Biochem here. Just like biochemistry is all about enzymes, microbiology is all about classification.

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Know the mechanisms, the related signaling, and even other bugs that secrete toxins with similar effects e. ETEC heat labile toxin and V. Lastly, nothing about pharm, biochem, and micro can be learned without repetition. It is impossible and unrealistic to expect yourself to remember such a vast swath of information the first, second, or even third time around. Keep doing UWorld questions, keep drawing out those pathways, and keep pushing forward. Don't start adding on different resources either; UWorld and First Aid should be plenty.

Students with dedicated textbooks tend to be inefficient and study low yield facts. Doing thousands of questions with consolidation in First Aid is enough! Want tutoring?