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There is lot to learn about Islam and also some things to unlearn from your previous culture or religion. If you try to learn everything you will get overwelmed sooner or later after. You are not expected to know everything right away. There are certain things which you are required to learn first and thus you must prioritise your learning. This New Muslim guide will explain the things which you need to learn first.

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If you jump onto other issues and you have neglected in learning how to pray then you may be sinning. Yes I am aware that there are many books and videos on how to pray for beginners. The problem with these books and videos is that they are done by people who are not specialised in teaching converts and what they think is easy for beginners is in fact to difficult for beginners.

This is what we teach in our guides, We start New Muslims or those muslims who have forgoten how to pray on a beginner level, then you will advanced to intermediate level and then the advanced level.

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Others Erronously start a new Muslim usually what we call the Advanced level and some are bit better and start them on the intermediate level which is also too difficult. Some Muslim Converts who did not convert with us spent many months trying to learn how to prayer and became overwhelmed because they learn from such books and videous.

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If you have any difficulties then email contact muslimconverts. They must have their pants above their ankles. The Muslim females dress is described in detail on www. With regards to fasting I have prapared an easy to follow guide. Due to the Islamic calendar being based on lunar months we cannot know the exact day Ramadan will begin until a day before the start of Ramadan.

In Ramadan will start around may time. Please do not worry. Allah willing the exact date will be announced on the website when it is known. Here is the our Ramadan Guide muslimconverts. Please Start reading the Ramadan Guide one to two months before the start of Ramadan but not right away as you need to learn other things first unless we are very close to Ramadan. Bad marriages have sometimes ended in driving a New Muslim away from Islam.

The Muslims Ummah nation has a wide spectrum of people. Some are good and some are bad.

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  • Muslims are passionate about Islam and so they should be. It is very easy to offend some one by saying the wrong thing when one has little knowledge. You may not yet know the complete ruling on an issue and may say the wrong thing.

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    There are things that one can say which can take a person out of Islam. If you say such things in front of other Muslims they may start getting very angry and even start doubting your convertion to Islam. So please do not think you know everything about a topic in Islam just because you have read a book or two on Islam. B Do not let Muslims push you into doing things or taking positions of authority which you are not qualified for or not capable of due to your limited knowledge of Islam and the Muslim world. Just say I am learning and when I have learnt sufficiently I will get back to you on this matter.

    Any information one gives out about Islam must be correct. In the west we are often conditioned to hypothesize about things we do not know the answers to. We must avoid this when talking about Islam. Islam requires a person to say the truth.

    6 Hacks For New Muslim Converts

    Rather than taking a guess or saying what pleases the public. C Do not start setting up web sites or groups. You can end up leading other Muslims astray. However do tell other non Muslims about Islam.

    Those brothers and sisters who have converted to Muslims have been the most succesful in calling non Muslims to Islam. Do not assume that every convert Muslim you come accross will be a guiding beacon of light for you for you. Some will be but there are others who for various reasons are in the dark about Islamic rulings issues themselves and they can mislead you.

    Muslims have a tendency to hook up a New Muslim with any random convert. After reading this book myself and loving every page, I can confidently recommend it to any convert, new or old, or born Muslims looking to reaffirm their faith or support those that are new to Islam.

    This is by far one the most comprehensive resources for a new Muslim that I have ever seen. They cover all of the most important topics from faith and salah, to making big life shifts like leaving alcohol and eating halal, to modest dressing and marriage. Each topic is covered just enough to give the new Muslim the information they need to get started, without all the small details that can be overwhelming to someone new to the faith.

    At the end of the book there is also a section for recommended readings beyond this book, so that new converts can delve more deeply into important topics when they are ready and get their information from the most reputable sources. The authors state in the very beginning that they are not here to convince you to convert to Islam, nor are they here to convince you that you made the right decision when you converted or that Islam is the best religion.

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    They are very clear from the beginning that the point of this book is solely to be a resource and toolkit for the new Muslim as they embark on this new journey that is Islam - and that is exactly what this book delivers. This is not the book to pick up if you are looking for sentimental stories from converts or more abstract inspiration. As the name suggests, this book is a resource for those who are out in the field, trying to navigate their way through their new life as a Muslim.

    As a convert who has been through the early days of Islam, I really appreciate how the authors laid out priorities in this book. They advise new Muslims to prioritize learning to pray in whatever ways are best for them, and then build slowly from there. This approach helps to avoid the overwhelm and burnout that can come after the initial "convert zeal," and assures that when things get more difficult the new Muslim has a solid foundation of iman in place to fall back upon. Another thing I absolutely loved about this book was the fact that the authors took a no-nonsense approach to the information they share.

    Tough issues that a new convert might face are handled with maturity and not sugar-coated. This book speaks to the reality of being a new Muslim: It is hard. And the authors do not downplay or gloss over that fact. While acknowledging the difficulty, they also avoid negativity and instead give positive, constructive solutions for many things that may come up for a new Muslim, and examples from their lived experience of how things can and do improve with time and patience.

    Finally, while the approach is overall informative and realistic and certainly doesn't shy away from the tough subjects and taking a hard stance, the overall tone of the book is one of caring, kindness, and sisterly love.

    This isn't a book written by a born Muslim for new Muslims. This isn't a book written by some man in a country a new Muslim may never have even heard of.